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Junior Andrade

Junior Andrade, a Brockton native, doesn’t like to concentrate all his efforts and resources on

one area of his life. Through means of expanding his knowledge and engaging in community

service, he consistently seeks to help others, while utilizing strong communication and problem-

solving skills to support him in his day-to-day work and personal life.

Junior spent most of his undergraduate career studying the evolution of social behavior in native

Trinidadian guppy fish. Through various techniques such as measuring gene expression,

endocrine physiology, sensory anatomy, and the usage of behavioral observation, he understood

how social partners can influence an individual's behavior and their overall fitness in nature.

Through his findings, he published an article in an established scientific journal. Additionally, in

recognition for his extensive work and outstanding leadership in the laboratory setting, he was

named the top research scientist in the Biology Department for the Class of 2019 at Stonehill

College, MA. He spent a portion of his post-graduate career mentoring biology students;

developing their leadership skills, as well as their laboratory technique. He is eager to continue

his education by pursuing a Master’s Degree in Speech Pathology.

Junior understands that the brain is arguably the most important organ of the human body. It

controls how we think, react, and feel when introduced to an external stimulus. He is an advocate

for positive thinking. He has a strong understanding that it is an important aspect of mental

health; utilizing it in his own life, as well as implementing this technique when he mentors

others. It promotes stress management and can be used to improves one’s health.

He loves the sport of basketball and listening to music. In his free time, Junior enjoys spending

quality time with his friends and family, going out to eat, and going to entertainment centers. He

always looks to lighten the mood through the usage of humor. Junior likes to challenge himself

and learn new things through means of taking on new challenges, reading and listening to self-

improvement podcasts.

Junior is very passionate about personal development and self-improvement. He aspires to help

his community through means of encouraging mental health, and intends to start a non-profit in

the future which provides mental health services for individuals in his community. In the end,

what better way to get his feet in the door, if not by supporting and working alongside

likeminded individuals at Friends and Mentors Inc.




B.S., 2019, Biology, Stonehill College


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