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Friends and Mentors (FAM) is a unique organization that reimagines the approach to youth programming. We center the stories and voices of our young people, we show up when it’s difficult, we are actively vulnerable, openly affirming and grounded in an unshakable love for our FAMily.


Our mission at Friends and Mentors, Inc. (FAM) is to improve our students' academic performance, promote social emotional development, and provide alternatives to high-risk behaviors by providing influential relationships with caring mentors. FAM works to empower our youth to serve as leaders in their communities, advocate for social justice, make positive life choices, and realize their full potential.

FAM is an innovative mentoring program designed for students identified as leaders facing barriers. Whether those barriers are systemic, academic, behavioral, or social emotional, the FAM model is designed to support Brockton Public School students through their four years of high school. We do this by pairing these students (mentees) with mentors and engaging them in intentional programming that promotes accountability, identity exploration and celebration, and leadership development. Students are given a platform to showcase their passions, build strong relationships, and have a place that prioritizes their humanity and safety. 

FAM is designed to provide opportunities to serve the community, whether that’s through volunteering as a mentor, engagement in community service or supporting in the social action projects held throughout the year. The FAM team is a diverse collective of FAM alumni, community leaders, and young professionals grounded in a firm belief that love is our foundation. 



Contact us to learn more and get involved.

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